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  • How Will It Help Me?

    • Gain new insight on your marketing efforts and, more importantly, how your clients are likely perceiving you
    • Learn what really makes your ideal potential clients tick, and what they're worried about
    • Uncover messaging "blind spots" - wording or assumptions that keep clients from engaging with you
    • Discover client engagement options you may be overlooking
    • Explore ways to help you boost your visibility in your community 
    • Leave the session with a Next Best Step to help you grow your practice

  • Who Will You Be Talking To?

    D.K. Raymer

    Founder of the ConfidentAging365 Community.

    Patient Protections Advocate. Senior Living Consultant. Author. Certified Marketing Consultant.

    I'm not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV, but I probably know your clients better than you do. For more than a decade I've worked with Seniors & their Families, helping them overcome the challenges of aging, empowering them with options, and instilling hope for good years ahead.


    I’ve been asked over the years to identify my Super Power, (which always makes me smile.) It's the ability to connect with my clients' clients - your market - to clearly see their needs and desires. I welcome the opportunity to meet you, and share my insight to help you better serve your community and grow your practice.

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